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Che Bella Mostra D’Arte —

By combining seemingly incongruous elements of Christian iconography, analog TV test patterns and Chinese characters, I attempt to create visually captivating images where East meets West and past meets present. I choose my subject matter for its iconographic power, visual strength, and its pivotal role throughout art history. The Catholic Church fueled the fine arts for hundreds of years and images of the Madonna and Jesus have dominated art history. Until only recently, the past two hundred years, have art and religion separated so drastically to the point where it has almost become taboo to use religion in contemporary art.

The analog TV test patterns can also represent an extinct format, though conversely in technology or science. Digital information now dominates our daily lives. These fantastic geometric color patterns are an archaic form of the not-so-distant past. Chinese characters are visually graphic and powerful, a form of art in themselves, both ancient and contemporary.
These Chinese characters can also serve as a metaphor for the dominant role of China in the contemporary art market. China’s economy has become one of the world’s most important in the past decade. In an increasingly global art market, China is undoubtedly at the forefront.
Simultaneously, I use shameless self-promotion, branding, marketing and celebrity advertisements to promote my true art. Celebrity culture has undeniably become a contemporary “religion” in itself. These blurred lines of art, religion and popular culture are consistent themes in my work.
The audience will arrive at their conclusions based on their own personal experiences. As an artist I am driven to create the images that compel me. Ultimately, I strive to provoke thought and create a unique visual experience.  Giappo