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L’Ultima Cena Dopo Da Vinci

Posted on Aug 10, 2015 by in Paintings, Recent Work | 0 comments

L’Ultima Cena Dopo Da Vinci
(The Last Supper After Da Vinci)
Mixed Media on Canvas
96.5x183cm 2015


L’Ultima Cena Dopo Da Vinci
/lool-tea-ma chay-nah doh-po dah vin-chee/
tr: The Last Supper After Da Vinci
painted perfectly in perspective by the polymath
with hammer, nail and string
and experimental mediums
the true archetype of the renaissance man
most replicated religious painting in history
from carpets to cameos
high Renaissance meets pop culture and capitalism
even Andy’s last series
great artists steal
studied, scrutinized, and satirized
weathered by time and war
ruined and restored
until the creator’s hand has vanished
like religions reign over fine art
resurrected through transgression
Serrano to Ofili
convents to contemporary art centers
Sforza to Ullens
Fanzhi painted one in ‘01
23.3 at Sotheby’s in ‘13
record for contemporary Asian art
development of Chinese society in miniature
church to classroom
reality is opposed to the spiritual
now art is housed in new temples
visited on holy days
white walls, white people, with white wine
artists navigating the sea of shit
B.A. Baccalaureus Artium
once the great academic prize
now my B.F.A.’s as good as a G.E.D.


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