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Lui Ha Sofferto per i Nostri Peccati

Posted on Apr 24, 2015 by in Paintings, Recent Work, Writing | 0 comments

“Lui Ha Sofferto per i Nostri Peccati”
Mixed Media on Wood Panel
122x122cm 2015

Lui ha sofferto per i nostri peccati
/Louie ah so-fair-toe pair ee no-stree pay-cot-ee/
tr. He suffered for our sins
now the new Renaissance rises in the East
they say that New Amsterdam is no more
but the blood still flows
from the land of the living dead
sinking teeth into the central nerve
beauty and the beast
in bed since the beginning
dangerous liaisons
Takashipom and Louis Vuitton
Leo to Larry
handshakes to corporate takeovers
cocky Spaniard still boasts from the grave
as the houses harness the power of the point one
CalArts should have had an intervention
the artist must suffer
not about the work anymore, sacrifice
Pietà, 聖母憐子圖
(Pinyin: Shèngmǔ lián zǐ tú)
tr. Saint Mother Pity Child Picture
J.C. and B.V.M
F.Y.I. D.W.M. still have the biggest R.O.I.
step right up to the booth A.S.A.P.
vendere, vanitas, vanity fairs
piers ninety-two and ninety-four
put your finger on the Pulse
Scope out the sponsors
as the luxury lines up in the queue
outside the Swiss bank
sell the house, sell the car, sell the museum
Mr. New York Mag couldn’t have called it any clearer, but
the gallery does not accept unsolicited submissions at this time
M.F.A. from Yale and Columbia D.I.Y.
no need to B.Y.O.B.
cause once you give me my shot
the drinks are on me. I.O.U.

Philadelphia, May 2015

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