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Crucifixion After Bonnat

Posted on Apr 29, 2015 by in Paintings, Recent Work, Writing | 0 comments

“Crucifixion After Bonnat”
Mixed Media on Canvas
167x167cm 2015 ┬ęGiappo

The whole earth is a melting pot
New York has become Hong Kong
the proletariat are the extinct dinosaurs of a forgotten age
riding on the backs of our forefathers
we speed into the future
with no sense of purpose
no meaning or value
slaves to an economic kingdom
which nourishes us with advertising and fear
pillars of faith that once stood tall crumble in our digital world
left to wonder aimlessly through the analog wasteland
ancient cultures have developed into powerful economies
the media and celebrity culture have replaced religion
fundamentalism has replaced enlightenment
and money has replaced God.


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