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A Morning Poem for Diaz-Cruz

Posted on Apr 23, 2015 by in Poetry, Recent Work, Writing | 0 comments


“A Morning Poem for Diaz-Cruz”
Its all seen and heard
in the small world
of the big town
separated by six degrees
jealousy envy and hate
sit heavy in the air
where brotherly love
once stood
and the great glowing orb
breathes life
into the tall trees
as green leaves
begin to decorate
the suburban landscape
but back in the concrete jungle
the soon summer heat
will ignite the streets
filled with predators and prey
as the bright blue skies
provide a beautiful backdrop
for the run down row homes
and vacant buildings
empty lots littered with debris
and used needles
catching a glimpse
of more affordable housing
before slowly rolling
into the dense darkness
of the underground arteries
steel vessels delivering blood
from the heart
of the metropolis.

Philadelphia, 4/16/15

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