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“This is Life” by Giappo

Posted on Mar 23, 2015 by in Poetry, Recent Work, Writing | 0 comments



“This is Life” by Giappo
This is life?

All these people
are sad and ugly
the walking dead
white trash crack heads
with families of toddlers
on their way to the methadone clinic

Black mothers
dragging their children
by the arm
down the stairs
practically off their feet
to catch the el

but the little Mexican men
sit quietly smiling

Anyone who lives in this place
long enough
will lose their fuckin mind
and most of them already have

This is life?

There’s an alternate universe
where the big yellow sun shines
all the time
and people say hello.
I’m not obligated
to hold the door for you
a simple thank you would suffice
but your sense of self-entitlement
kinda makes me sick.

What happened to this place?

Dreams of old world ecstasy
and no more fat fucks
living off the dollar menu
miserable with their remedial jobs
but I guess someone’s gotta do it

Only the lord knows
so we kneel
and pray
and wish
for a better way
of living
only to wake up
and find out
that life passed us by

And we laugh
and love
and cry
and eat
and work
and sleep
and die

Maybe even DVR our favorite show
watch an E true Hollywood story
as The Real Housewives
try to raise children
and The View
seems quite different
from the outside in
looking at that box

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