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“Philadelphia” A Poem by Giappo

Posted on Mar 23, 2015 by in Poetry, Recent Work, Writing | 0 comments

A Poem by Giappo



A love hate relationship with the city
full of white trash, blacks and Jews,
Puerto-Ricans and Asians
content with mediocrity
a place where people go nowhere
to die

forever shadowed by the big city
the sixth borough is a generous term
the streets crumbling from neglect
dilapidated structures still stand tall
from the days of old blue collar town
ghettos span for miles
littered with the disregard
of a careless mentality

living in filth
walking through trash.
though as the sun sets
the cityscape is a blaze
with brilliant orange light
complimentary contrasted by the beautiful
cool blue of tinted glass and metal

the Italians and Irish have migrated
to the cookie cutter developments of suburbia
and I don’t blame them
the city is a slum
always trying so hard

and sure the Comcast building is nice,
but what about the Kenzo dopers,
the literal self-inflicted genocide in North,
the deterioration of West,
South West, North East,
and everywhere in between

sure the hipsters have their café’s and yoga studios
in fishtown
slowly gentrifying
artists always go where the rent’s cheap
and that’s what this place is
low class

cheesesteaks and Eagles’ games
replace culture
Dr. Barnes is probably rolling over in his grave
as the capitalist kings find loopholes to create tourist attractions
creating commerce

but the worlds greatest impressionist art collection
is at least preserved
a toss up for now
the price to pay for being
a part of the money making machine

and the big house on the hill
tries to be friends
young friends
that do nothing
but stand around
and drink.

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