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“Dear America” by Giappo

Posted on Mar 23, 2015 by in Poetry, Recent Work, Writing | 0 comments



Dear America
everything is going straight down the toilet
the middle class has vanished
and the great divide grows larger
as the one percent rules upon high.

How different the view is
from the park avenue palace
and forget about the ground floor
cause the pavement is freezing in the winter.

Though most of them march to the beat of the capitalist drum
sleep walking to and from
the workplace.
drowning themselves in alcoholic bliss
So they can drive home
and catch a DUI
become a weekender
and be a part of the system.

But its still the place made of dreams,
land of the free.
free to do what you want, say, think,
but how can something be true and a lie
at the same time?

They should reroute public transportation
so it leads straight to the casino
if only we could hit the lottery
until then we’ll work at McDonalds
or be a doctor
it all depends how you use’er.

You could sell crack
killing your own people
tax free
get pinched
and get your three square meals
and if you really fuck up
maybe your own room with a nice view.
green grassy meadows and barbed wire fencing.

And listen to these fuckin morons
they let the goon out
But he’ll be right back in.
It’s a disgrace.

Gimme all the money
and let me hang with the civilized people
then get me away from civilization.
you could Google me on facebook
as I tweet past in an instagram
all the knowledge at my finger tips.

Buy me some life insurance
but don’t forget to keep a little cash
under the mattress
just in case there’s no bail out.

Market crashed
tighten up the purse strings
but retails up
cause mamma needs that brand new bag
that new Gucci purse
those new Gucci shoes.

Meanwhile the cops kill
in the streets
completely out of control
the prisons are packed
keeping the wheels turning
and churning
as the big machine rolls on.

Buts lifes good
for now
til the shit hits the fan
and the whole fuckin place
goes down in flames.
Until then lets drive thru
texting as we eat a value meal
contemplating right from wrong
left from right
life from death
liberty and justice
for all.


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