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“Thx Richard, Let’s Do Lunch” (Meta Kate Moss)

Posted on Oct 25, 2014 by in Recent Work, Writing | 0 comments

“Thx Richard, Let’s Do Lunch” (Meta Kate Moss)
(Repost of Repost via @richardprince4)

To: Richard Prints Prince. @richardprince1234 #newportraits Asked @jameslabold what would Marcel think? Says stealing Instagrams in 2014 isn’t like signing a urinal in 1917. R. Mutt. (Is it?) It’s not? Isn’t it? @jerrysaltz . Appropriate. Appropriation. Apropos. Apparently so. Apparition. Say hello to your ghost of Christmas past Ebenezer. Who thunk it first? Why didn’t I think of that? 90K a pop. No royalties. Media uproar. Under fire. Could care less how the public perceives. R.P. -“Really good that people collect the work cause it means I can make other work.” What a concept! #tbt Last one for all you haters out there Xoxo 💋 #richardprince . Reposted. Reposted the repost. “Meta Kate Moss.” Thx Richard, 👌 Lets do lunch. 🍺🍔🍟 J.Labold -You ever get that lunch date? G.DiFederico – he’s trying to pencil me into his busy schedule. Plus posted my panoramic @gagosiangallery . Sans photo cred. Few posts later shut him down, again. R.I.P. @richardprince4 . One of the best-kept secrets in the art world in 1984. Me too, ma in questo momento. 😉 ttys. Ciao ciao.

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